What Is Gym Fear and How to Overcome It?

Syed Daniyal Hussain
Syed Daniyal Hussain February 14, 2023
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What Is Gym Fear and How to Overcome It

Working out at a gym or studio can be scary because no two places are designed or set up the same. If a gym makes a new member feel uncomfortable or unwelcome, it could hurt their drive and spirit. This growing trend has been given the name “gymtimidation“.

This could be because you feel like you’re not as good as the people around you, or because you feel threatened or insecure when you’re around people who seem to be in better shape than you are. On their own paths to better health, everyone may face this possibility.

Fitness Fear: The Root Causes

Fitness Fear The Root Causes

Gymtimidation has different effects on different people, just like any other type of perceived intimidation. Since the gym is so big, some people might feel scared of it. Some people worry that because they don’t know how to use the weights, they are doing it wrong. For some people, this fear is a sign of deeper problems with how they see themselves, how they feel about themselves, or how confident they are.

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Gymtimidation can make people skip a workout, not work out at all, or even let their membership expire, which can hurt their efforts to stay healthy. No one is born knowing everything, which is something that everyone seems to forget. Let’s get up the courage to start over.

Getting Over Your Fear Of The Gym

The first step to getting over gym anxiety is to realize that it’s happening and figure out what’s causing it. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you figure out how to deal with the risks you might face at the gym:

  • How would you tell a friend you can trust that you’re afraid to work out?
  • How often do the things I worry about most at the gym really happen?
  • How can I feel better about myself so that I can work out in a gym without feeling awkward?

Answering these questions on your own or with a trusted friend, coworker, or family member may help you figure out why you’re afraid of the gym and how to start getting over it.


Getting Over Your Fear Of The Gym

Just like there is no one way for everyone to reach their health goals, there is no one way for everyone to get over their fear of going to the gym. Try a few different things, and if one doesn’t seem to work, move on to the next.

If you need a place to stay, find out what other places there are nearby. You might find it easier to work out at a smaller, less-crowded gym for a number of reasons. You could even hire a virtual personal trainer or health coach to help you until you reach a point where you are happy with your progress.

  • Try it with someone else. The buddy system helps keep everyone safe and holds each person responsible. Find someone to work out with.
  • Put on something that makes you feel good. Gymtimidation is when people find it hard to enjoy themselves at a gym because they feel like they have to wear tight, revealing clothes to fit in. Instead of buying what’s popular, spend your money on workout gear you’ll actually use.
  • If you can, try not to go when there are the most people. At the gym or studio, there will always be busy times. This happens a lot between 7 and 12 pm and again after 4 pm. Contact the front desk or management to find out when the most people are there so you can make plans.
  • Get together and do something. If you learn best when you’re with other people, you might do well in a small group class or a form of group personal training where everyone is at a similar level of skill and experience.
  • If you haven’t already, you should ask about how to get started. Almost all gyms have “introduction to equipment” classes. If a guided tour and explanation of the machines are not listed as a member benefit, you can ask for one by contacting the fitness manager.
  • Make a playlist of music that makes you feel good and listen to it when you need a boost. One of the many good things about music is that it can both lift and distract its listener. If you don’t like music, you could try listening to an audiobook or podcast instead.
  • Throw a party in honor of what you’ve done. When you have anxiety, it’s hard to do anything, let alone go to the gym. It’s something to be happy about. Open a journal or diary to write down what you did this week.
  • Check out some online videos that have to do with fitness. Before going to a new gym for the first time, people who don’t work out often may choose to use an online streaming service to improve their skills and gain confidence.
  • You need kindness and space right now. Gym anxiety is more common than you might think, since most people don’t go to the gym very often. People all over the world have to deal with it. Remember that this could happen again, that it’s okay to ask for help if you need it, and that you’re not alone in feeling this way.

Final Words

It takes a long time to get over gymtimidation and to reach fitness goals. So, please be patient. Recognize that your feelings are reasonable and use your energy to move forward.




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