Multiple Accounts Linked To The Same Account: A New Facebook Feature Being Tested

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The Socio Panda July 16, 2022
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Multiple Accounts Facebook New Feature

Meta has started testing a new Facebook feature that will soon give users the ability to establish multiple accounts for themselves if they so want. At this time, each individual is restricted to a single account.

These profiles will be connected to a user’s primary account, but the user will not be required to divulge their true identity in order to create them or link them to their primary account. The main account of the user will continue to be connected to all of the user’s profiles.

It is possible that Meta will see this newly added function as an appealing selling point, which will if everything goes according to plan, result in an increase in the number of individuals utilizing the platform.

Setting Up Multiple Accounts – A New Facebook Feature

New Facebook Feature - Setting up Multiple Facebook Accounts

Facebook has now made an announcement that it will begin the beta testing phase of a newly developed account feature that it has been working on. If all goes according to plan, users of the social networking site will be able to set up several accounts for themselves after the testing phase of the project is through.

The organization that is in charge of Facebook is now carrying out a new test with the objective of accomplishing its goal of enabling users to establish a maximum of five secondary accounts that are tied to their primary account. The purpose of this brand-new feature, according to a spokesperson of Meta, is

to assist consumers in better customizing their experience based on the people and things that are important to them.

This information was sent to TechCrunch in an email that was subsequently shared with them. We are in the process of developing a brand-new feature that will soon make it possible for users to link several Facebook profiles to a single account. Users will soon have access to this capability when it has been developed further. There is a good chance that Meta is concerned about whether or not the recently deployed test would aid users in getting more connected with the website and the people who use it.

If, on the other hand, a user creates many accounts on Facebook, they are still accountable for complying with all of the site’s guidelines and policies, regardless of how many profiles they have. This is an accurate statement made by TechCrunch, which states that:

If you get a violation on an extra profile, it will damage your account as a whole.

One may make the case that this is an attempt to prevent online trolls from using many aliases in order to harass other users and get away with it.

True Names

As a further component of this brand-new capacity, Facebook will no longer mandate that its users use their true names across all of their profiles. As a consequence of this, a second profile that is associated with their account has the potential to have its own name if the user chooses to give it one.

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Facebook Multiple Accounts Restrictions

It would seem that Facebook is making an attempt, in some form or another, to restrict the creation of extra profiles. These additional accounts will not be able to “maintain a Page” or participate in Facebook Dating since Facebook does not enable these features.

The social media network seems to be moving in the direction of offering users greater control over both their Facebook accounts and the overall experience they have while using the website as a whole. Because Meta has already eliminated the need for players of Quest 2 to have a Facebook account, it is no longer required for them to have one.

In addition to this, Meta has been hard working on the implementation of new tests for Instagram’s producers as well as additional safety precautions for teenagers.

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