Gas Fuel Shortage 2022-23 Could Devastate New England, Utilities Group Warns Biden

Syed Daniyal Hussain
Syed Daniyal Hussain October 30, 2022
Updated 2022/10/30 at 4:35 AM
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gas fuel shortage 2022

Utilities in New England are begging Vice President Biden to declare an emergency so that there won’t be a gas fuel shortage 2022-23.

  • Eversource is afraid that there may be a gas fuel shortage during the winter season due to the rising demand for fuel throughout the season. This fear is based on the fact that the demand for fuel has been growing.
  • The United States has issued a warning that natural gas supplies may become exhausted as a consequence of the very low temperatures.

Gas Fuel Shortage 2022 Winters

The largest utility company in New England has pleaded with Vice President Joe Biden to start the process of arranging emergency measures in order to prevent a potential fuel shortage USA during the winter months.

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The emergency steps are being taken with the goal of preventing a natural gas fuel shortage 2022-23 from the months of December through March.

There would be insufficient amounts of this resource available throughout the winter months of the year.

The chief executive officer of Eversource Energy, Joseph Nolan, wrote a letter to Vice President Joe Biden in which he informed Biden that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has “acknowledged for many months that New England will not have sufficient natural gas to meet power supply needs for the region in the event of a severe cold spell this winter.”

The corporate headquarters of Eversource Energy may be found in the city of Springfield, which is located in the state of Massachusetts.

The request was made by Eversource at a time when an increasing number of individuals in some of the most populated locations in the United States of America are becoming more worried about possible limitations in the availability of energy supplies.

The area around New York City has already started rationing heating oil, and diesel supplies, which are critical for transportation, are at an exceedingly precarious low level in the Northeast to avoid gas fuel shortage USA.

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Both of these things are related to the fact that we are moving closer and closer to the winter months of the year.

Because of their concerns over the situation, authorities from the United States Department of Energy have designated the availability of gasoline in New England as a “priority concern” and have issued a warning about it.

The expanding worldwide demand for goods created in the United States is one of the factors, and the constrained pipeline capacity in the six-state region is another one of the aspects that have contributed to the UK fuel shortage issue.

Eversource has put in a request in the hopes of having the Jones Act, a piece of legislation that has been in existence for one hundred years and is well-known for increasing shipping costs, waived.

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Eversource’s request, which was verbally communicated to the White House on Wednesday, was taken down, written down, and included in a letter that was sent to the White House on Thursday.

In the letter, it was requested that the White House investigate the possibility of making use of emergency provisions such as the Defense Production Act.

Eversource fulfills the needs for electricity and natural gas of over 4 million people and commercial enterprises in the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

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