Bob McGrath, original ‘Sesame Street’ cast member, dies at 90

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The Socio Panda December 5, 2022
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Bob McGrath, original ‘Sesame Street’ cast member, dies at 90

It has been confirmed that Bob McGrath, who died away recently, was a member of the original cast of the long-running children’s television program “Sesame Street.” He was known for playing the character of Bob Johnson, a kind and helpful neighbor on the show. His family and Sesame Workshop, the company that created the program, both announced the news on their own social media accounts.

He was 90.

It is with great sadness that we announce the demise of our father, Bob McGrath, who served as the family patriarch. The family claimed in a statement that was posted on Facebook that “He was able to pass away peacefully in the environment that he had always called home, surrounded by the people he loved.”

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Bob McGrath Died

A Twitter thread dedicated to McGrath’s honor has been launched by the Sesame Workshop in honour of the almost half a century of service he has provided to the Sesame Street show.

“Bob McGrath embraced the music of Sesame Street like no one else as a founding cast member, and his performances brought excitement and wonder to generations of children across the globe,” claims the statement. We shall be eternally thankful to him for the years of dedicated creative efforts he provided to Sesame Street because he was willing to share such a big amount of his life with us. His contributions to the show were devoted and imaginative.

After making a cameo appearance in the first episode of “Sesame Street” in 1969, McGrath continued to work on the program for 47 seasons until he resigned in 2017, after which he continued to represent the show at events.

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Sesame Workshop claims that McGrath performed “in concert venues from Las Vegas to Saskatchewan and Tokyo many times over” throughout his career as a tenor and prominent musician. He is the one who is mostly responsible for the worldwide transmission of a number of the most well-known songs that are linked with “Sesame Street,” including “People in Your Neighborhood” and “Sing a Song.”

A member of the “Sesame Street” ensemble named Alan Muraoka shared his respect for a person who he referred to as a “role model.”

It is impossible to put into words the amount of support, guidance, and companionship that Bob McGrath has given to me during the course of my life. Muraoka gushed over him on Instagram, praising his “kindness and wicked sense of humor” and calling him a “delight.” My best wishes are with you for a peaceful night, my buddy. Well done.

In an interview that took place in 2015, McGrath underlined the life lessons that he was able to acquire while working on the groundbreaking program. He said, “You can’t help but be impressed by all of the amazing studies and wonderful ideas that are given on Sesame Street”.

After McGrath’s death, the only people who remember him are his wife, Ann Logan Sperry, their five children, and their five grandchildren.

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